Entry #1

Madness Day

2007-08-04 14:22:24 by Zerg-Ruler

>Calling all authors!<
Currently myself along with my long time programming fiend (yes i did mean fiend), real life buddy, the "J" in JTNetwork, and fellow NG aurthor Justin Beaty are working on a "Madness" type animation for Madness Day '07.
We are currently looking for a fresh aurthor to join forces with to aid in storyboard development and overall ideas.
I have already drawn many char's, gun animation, really cutting edge dynamic animation programmed by Justin, along with some innovative never before seen action sequences that WILL make the project surely stand apart from the rest.
If YOU would like to chat more with me in detail about what is done thus far and get more info on the project "Red & Blue: Enter the Fray" set for Madness Day, hit me up!
-Tim Palmisano aka Zerg-Ruler


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